Wow… unimpressive

When I started this “blog” I really thought I was going to be good at reading and then just simply writing a review and actually keeping up with the blog… Well that has been a big fat FAIL. Not even a small “I missed a couple of posts” fail. Not even one new post since I have started the blog. And no readers for obvious reasons….

I have read roughly 20 books since I thought I could handle this and actually make something of a blog. Well here is my New Year resolution about 4 months late…

I will read and write a review blog about once a week. For who? Probably myself because lets face the facts here. There is nobody reading. But who knows? Anything could happen. I could actually follow through and then who knows how many readers I will actually have! Well probably zero… unless I tell my mom and get the customary pity read that all mothers must subject themselves to for the spawn they create.  But I digress…. One book and review per week! I can do this…Right? And if not then I can simply fail quietly with no one the wiser for my choices…

So I figure that I will read any book I choose (ha! my pick) and then write a review. It will probably be a book that has been out since the dawn of time and everyone already knows about it. Or maybe it will be new and exciting. Anything goes. And if you don’t like it feel free to tell me… But please be nice as I am a sensitive soul after all. But really- comment and talk to me. I like that! Let’s just talk about books. I love a good book and I love to hear ideas.


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