A Year

A year ago this month I thought “hey self, lets do something crazy! Let’s start a blog!” My simple thinking here was that blogging cannot be that hard, right? I mean tons of people out there are writing about what they know (or think they know) and then sharing it with the world. Well here we are, a year later and I have posted a total of two times and have zero followers. I think part of the problem here is that I didn’t want to link to any of my preexisting social media cites because heaven forbid nobody read what I write, or worse! They read it and think it is terrible. I have figured at this point what do I have to lose? You don’t want to read what I write? Cool with me. This is for myself. If you read and get something from it, even just a giggle? Even more cool with me!

So here we go. A new start to an old adventure. I feel it should be fair to warn you that I may not always post regularly. I may not post anything that pertains to you. And heck! I may post something that doesn’t seem like it belongs here (hint- I have made three posts so far and none of them are actual book reviews) but I hope that you at least feel slightly obligated to read because you already know me πŸ˜‰

This blog was started with the intention of me reading books and writing reviews about them or other fun book things. So here we go! I am starting the I am Junco series by J.A. Huss. Hopefully life is not crazy and I will have a post for you guys on book one next week. I am not going to really try to follow any sort of format. I may read an old book even though the author has something newer out there. I may read a romance with a HEA one week and Dean Koontz the next. Please be warned that I am not good at making sense or following a guideline (even if I write it). And maybe I should warn that on top of being a mom to three wild monsters, a wife to a wild man, and working full time I am also attending college so I make no promises.


Okay. No more rambling. Here we go. Take two!


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