Hide and Seek Her

Okay okay… School is kicking my butt and I am maybe still trying to find balance for work, papers, and reading! But I just found out about H.B. Stumbo and I don’t know if she is actually a new author or if I am just super slow on the uptake but I felt like she deserved a little bit of a write up!

Hide and Seek Her has a great plot line. A little suspense, a little romance, and a lot of attitude! I think I can honestly say that the only thing I did not fully enjoy about this great book is the grammatical errors that popped up a few times. They just pulled me out of the story a little bit which can be disappointing. Thankfully the plot was good enough that it pulled me right back in!

*Warning though! There are potential triggers for physical/emotional abuse. I would not want that to sway anyone away from reading this book though because it is not a very huge portion of the book and it really serves well to explain a lot about the main character Charlotte. The scenes that the abuse were mentioned in were done really well and not glorified in anyway shape or form and I feel that they were really pivotal to the story line and helping the reader to better understand Charlotte and why she is the way she is.

Charlotte is our main character who seems to be very withdrawn and attached to her work. She does not have a big social circle and seems to really keep to herself. Living in a small town can be hard to do when everyone knows your secrets. She comes with a lovely group of people in the form of her aunt and uncle who raised her, an older protective brother who is always gone, and a BFF who is always down for girl time but spends a lot of time traveling around the U.S. It almost is depressing the lack of support she appears to have around her until you realize that they all love her very much and only do what they think is best for her. Charlotte is a strong but sad woman.

Do not even get me started on the reclusive and dreamy main character Vance! He is portrayed as a loner who does not hide his emotions well (there are a few comments about him being really good at it but where Charlotte is involved he is an open book) and can’t decided if he is doing more harm than good for our sad Charlotte. He comes with a younger, lovable brother who is good for laughs (and not any less dreamy) and a huge house that is handed down from father to son for generations. This lovable loner steps up to the plate to win over Charlotte and the reader.

Overall I cannot wait to read more of Stumbo’s work and watch her progress as an author! I will definitely be recommending her to other readers and be adding her to my TBR list! Great work! Buy the book here

Here are some links to stalk the author!

  1. Goodreads Author Page
  2. Facebook Group
  3. Instagram



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