Every Pane of Glass

Welcome back book readers (and family and friends I have tricked into reading this!). I’ve been trying for about two days to write an awesome review of H. B. Stumbo’s newest book that is going to be released on June 1st of this year and let me tell you! So many words that don’t want to form into thoughts.

First of all it should be noted that this is the first ARC (advance reader copy) that I have ever gotten. This author didn’t know that, heck she didn’t even know me! I just made some comment of Instagram that I would read the book and leave an honest review. It feels pretty cool to be a part of that process because she is a fairly new author and I have always wanted to start a newer author and not be the last to know they existed. It’s basically been a dream but no big deal… Okay well in my book obsessed world it’s a pretty HUGE deal! So thank you soooo much H. B. Stumbo for making me feel like a cool kid! (side note- she’s so friendly and loves nice comments so if you read the book let her know!)

Okay, onto the real reason for this post….

“Several miles south of Devil’s Lake, Michigan, lies a town whose charm is trumped by its name. Devil Town may be beautiful and unique, but it offers no remorse for locals who have left the city limits. Val Stevens is a local born and raised, and after an eight year hiatus, she’s come back to town to stir up some old flames. Cracked like glass from life’s quirky twists of fate, Val keeps to herself and wards off the local “Devilers”, like a bad disease. But even someone as fiery as Val, can’t deny the appeal of a friendship with an intriguing stranger, or the ghosts of her past.” (description from author’s website https://hbstumbowrites.com/about-every-pane-of-glass/)

This book… Oh man! The story is told with a present tense and every other chapter or so a snip-it about our main gal pal, Val’s past  is thrown in to give you just a tiny bit of the puzzle. I love when this is done well because it really helps draw a reader in and fill out the character. You will want to know what is going on and why Jordan (ugh!) won’t just stay gone. It’s definitely the type of book you will find yourself saying “just one more chapter” until 1AM when you have to get up at 5:30AM. Even the forward is beautiful in this dang book!

I always try to be honest in my reviews because nobody wants to have smoke blown at them with fancy words and praises that are empty but really… THIS BOOK! I am experiencing the worst case of book hangover known to man. I have a #TBR pile the size of a mountain and I want none of it. Every Pane of Glass is a beautifully haunting story that isn’t just about getting a happy ending. Love is messy and this story really brings it out. Did I yell at the characters Val and Anderson? Almost every single stinking chapter. There were moments when I wanted to smack them upside the head and tell them to get it together and stop acting like children but that was part of the greatness of this book. They were flawed humans trying to learn to love again after two different pasts made trusting and loving others difficult.

In the hopes of remaining spoiler free always (because reading a story for the very first time untainted is like a first date to me- something you will not get back) I will only say that the ending is a roller coaster ride you did not see coming but will find yourself loving the ride all the way through. One thing that was an exciting bonus is how the book is wrapped up. Will there be a sequel? Who knows! But Stumbo leaves you safely planted on the ground with the cliff far far away. Do not take this to mean you won’t want more (because who ever wants their favorites to go away?!) but you can leave feeling content and blown away.

Mark June 1st on your calendar and get this book! Better yet! Pre-order so it just magically shows up, like a gift to yourself!Pre-Order from Amazon here!

Happy hump day readers! Let me know if there are any great books out there that need to be read!

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