Review for 44 Chapters about 4 Men by BB Easton

Happy Friday people! This is the much anticipated day of my week, especially because this just so happens to be a three day weekend not only for me but for the husband 🙂 We have no soccer games, no real plans so to speak of other than hanging out with some friends tonight (hi friends!). Which means I will get three solid days of making my husband crazy. I cannot wait!

Okay let’s get down to the real reason we are here. Book review time! This week I read probably one of the funniest books I have  read in awhile! BB Easton knows how to bring the good times.

After spending years trying to spice up my sex life, I gave up and took to my journal. Perhaps my gorgeous, cold, number crunching husband simply wasn’t capable of the kind of passion I’d come to expect. After all, my ex-boyfriends—a skinhead turned US Marine turned motorcycle club outlaw, a baby-faced punk rocker out on parole, and a heavy-metal bass player—were every bit as tattooed and testosterone-fueled as the leading men in my favorite romance novels. If I couldn’t have that kind of passion again in real life, at least I could write about it. Right? Nobody had to know. It would be my little secret.”

-part of the book description from Goodreads

I will warn some readers out there that sex and cussing are in this book (just in case you didn’t get any of that from the full book description found here).


The Good:

This book was freaking hilarious! The author pulled me in and made me feel like I was part of a conversation rather than just reading a book and laughing like a maniac while my family looked on confused. While the layout was almost chaotic I felt that it really just helped build the book! It was a wild ride that took dips into the past and led straight into the present for BB. This unethical experiment run on poor unsuspecting Ken is hilarious and I often times was reminded of the relationship I have with my husband. BB did a great job of drawing you in with her made up SUPER PRIVATE JOURNAL ENTRY THAY KEN IS NEVER, NEVER ALLOWED TO READ EVER spread throughout the book to show what she was doing to change Ken into the man she thought she wanted him to be, and then bringing you back to reality with what actually happened. It almost begs the question, is the past really as great as we think it was or are we just looking at it with rose colored glasses because being an adult is FREAKING HARD!

The Bad:

I can honestly say the only “bad” part of this book was that I WANTED MORE of every one of the four men. I just got a tiny taste in this book and found I wanted to know more about Knight, Harley, Hans, and definitely about Ken! So really there was nothing bad at all. Except for me because now I have to wait and I am not known for my patience. So if you are reading this BB- HURRY UP!! Pretty please with sugar on top J

The Recommendation:

So basically if you have not yet come to this conclusion on your own I would like to tell you all that you need to read this book. ASAP! It’s amazing and definitely worth 5 stars! 5 STARS PEOPLE!! Read it now! So then we can all join together and harass BB into writing the follow-up books like yesterday! Let’s be a team!! So no pressure but….Buy the book!


This new author who is lacking in ethics is definitely worth the read!

Here are some ways you stalk check in with BB

  1. Goodreads (so you can know what she is reading when she isn’t writing- which then means you will know that you need to harass her because clearly we need more NOW!)
  2. Facebook (so you can see some teasers… Maybe tell her how much you need her to pretty please write the rest NOW)
  3. Instagram (so you know what she is doing when she isn’t writing)

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