Ugly Love Review

First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day! I hope that while everyone is celebrating their long weekend and having fun with their families they take the time to stop and remember all of the men and women who won’t ever get to come home and pray for their families that now have an empty spot that cannot be filled. The ultimate sacrifice made by these men and women should never be forgotten. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice in service to your country.


For today’s post I decided that in honor of Colleen Hoover’s newest book, It Ends with Us that is set to come out this August (pre-order it here), I would do a review of one of her other books. After much deliberation and back & forth I decided to go with Ugly Love. Maybe Someday was a top contender but since I have read that book about a million times (give or take a hundred) I decided to give Ugly Love another go. So here we go!

The Good:

Well as usual Colleen nails it. She is not only fabulous at writing but she manages to tell an amazing story that begs to be read. It’s the story of Tate and Miles who meet under a not so amazing moment but what grows from that makes for a beautiful story of loss and hope.  What starts out as the usual boy meets girl, boy fights attraction, boy and girl decide on a platonic relationship anyways, blah blah blah takes a really nice turn when the back story of Miles’ life that fully brings the story out of the usual and places it on a shelf of its own. Colleen really works her magic in putting together a story that is heartwarming and full of sadness.

When reading this story I found myself being pulled in by all of the characters in this book. Cap, the awesome old man who not only pushes the elevator buttons but offers out life advise to those willing to listen (and sometimes those that aren’t). Dillion, the character you love to hate (because there is always one!) and find yourself wanting to punch for his terrible behavior towards basically every person. Don’t even get me started on Miles, the brooding pilot who makes a guest appearance in all girls dreams! And the lovely Tate who is guarded by her overprotective older brother Corbin. Overall the cast is rounded out in such a way that makes you want to read through the night. And soon we will get to watch them play this out on the big screen! Yes my friends, a movie!! Or so I hear!


(you’re welcome)

The Bad:

I feel that I can safely say that the only bad here is the amount of tissues that you will need to get through this book. Maybe have some wine on hand just in case. But for real… That is all the bad there is and that is only because everyone hates to look all poofy after crying and sobbing.

The Recommendation:

Definitely buy this book! And if you enjoy having physical copies of books around then you would definitely want to buy this one! The cover is beautiful and really, once you read the story it only adds to the whole thing. So stop reading this dang post and GO BUY THE BOOK!! (see, I even made it easy for you with a link! You’re welcome).

Want to know where you can stalk the author?

  1. Author page on Facebook
  2. Super Secret book group (Just kidding- she loves the attention)
  3. Instagram
  4. Goodreads (she has some funny reviews and recommendations)

I hope you guys have an amazing Monday and are ready to face the week tomorrow! As always ask me questions or give me suggestions! I love to hear from you!


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