Summer Reading List 2016!

Happy Hump Day people!! First and foremost I would like to say a big congrats to HB Stumbo on her book release today!! Every Pane of Glass is now out and ready to read!! Pick it up you guys- its great! A little mystery, a little love, a lot of excitement and twists!


Okay, so I decided that I would do a Summer reading list (and by summer reading list I mean like a month, maybe, worth of books) for this year since it is June 1st and starting to get warm here! Which I love! June is probably my favorite month ever! Its when the weather starts to get warm/hot (I am basically a lizard and love this weather!), my anniversary is this month (you’re welcome husband), and my birthday countdown has officially started (hint hint friends- I see you lurking over there).

My list will contain a bunch of random types of books from various authors because that is how I like to live my life! So here we go!!

  1. Burning Muses– JR Rogue

Yes I have read this book already but come on! She slays me with her amazing writing and this book deserves to be read at minimum, a million times. (It may even be an upcoming review!)

2. Low– Mary Elizabeth

3. Dusty Delinquents– Mary Elizabeth & Sara

4. Dusty: Innocents– Mary Elizabeth & Sara

Mary Elizabeth can write, and I may be a tiny bit obsessed with her. And by tiny I mean A LOT! But she is worth it and the best part is- both Delinquents and Innocents are FREE for the kindle! I would just like to tell you right now- You are welcome! Because those books will tear you apart and stay with you. You will not regret it. I may even throw a re-read of True Love Way in there even though I just did that one because I just cannot get enough of Mary Elizabeth ❤

5. Mr. Mercedes– Stephan King

Okay, I am behind on Mr. King and have yet to read this one even though I own it! But to be fair I try to save Stephan King for the summer time because I need it to be happy and sunny when I read his books or I may not sleep haha. I may end up binge reading King this summer and I feel no shame!

6. The Book Thief– Markus Zusak

Again- so behind on times it is ridiculous but I have had this bad boy on my TBR list for a looooong time and I finally picked up a copy from the local book store (don’t worry husband I had exchanged some books so no money was spent)

7. Breathers– S.G. Browne

Because zombies always need love and I have only read this book one time and it feels like it deserves to be read twice because it is an interesting twist on the zombies we have come to love!

8. Every Pane of Glass- HB Stumbo

Because I was very privileged to read the ARC but I love reading a book once it’s out there in the world and this place is one that you will want to go back and visit again once you think you’re done!

9. Beautiful Oblivion– Jamie McGuire

This is apparently the summer of the re-read because all I want to do is revisit old friends! This is the book that started my love for Jamie McGuire and I feel that it is time to go back and watch Cami and Trenton come together again ❤

10. Too Late– Colleen Hoover

Because I want to finally read this book start to finish without any pauses! The trick to this book is that it is only available on Wattpad since Colleen has no plans currently for publishing this book. That being said- if you do not have the app already people, get it! This book alone is worth it. It is completely different from what we are used to from Colleen and it is in a good way! Get this book- peer pressure!


Okay, a list of 10 seems like a solid start especially since I am terrible at lists and planning! I mostly just wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys and throw in some I haven’t read yet to remind myself to get on it! What do you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments or email me! I love hearing from you guys!



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