Review for Burning Muses by JR Rogue

HAPPY FRIDAY!! The day has finally arrived my friends (unless you work over the weekend, in which case I am sorry) and I feel so free! Not to mention that I will be leaving work early today! Yay! Although it will be for a dang test so if you read this say a little prayer for me because I am definitely going out on a limb and trying something new and crazy that I really hope works out. I decided to post early since I will be super busy during my usual post time and I don’t want to post super late so here you go!

Okay but the real reason we are here! The awesome review of the even more awesome Burning Muses by JR Rogue. This is her first novel (she’s usually more of a poet-and an amazing one at that) and she just blows it out of the water.

“I’ve burned muses.
I’ve felt little remorse.
I stored our tales.
I sold them for this life—
this luxury,
this ease.
Their sighs and lies
led me to believe they
enjoyed the dance too.
I’ve burned muses.
I laughed at those tales.
Then I met him.

-Description on Goodreads

The Good:

This book is a  beautiful story about falling apart but finding love to hold on to even when you are so sure you don’t deserve it.

“He reminded me that I am good.”

“She reminded me that I am good.”
They need each other and JR Rogue is the perfect one to tell this story. She writes from her heart and you can feel that when you read her work. It isn’t just the good and happy things but the dark hurtful things that make this story come to life. Who doesn’t love a good story that has a HEA but also shows that it takes work and dedication?! Your heart will bleed but it will do so in such a way that you can’t stop reading until you get to the very last sentence.

The author does an amazing job of wrapping up the story. I can honestly say that I probably highlighted the entire epilogue. This is a book that I will gladly give 5 starts and proudly say that I own the ebook and the hard copy because the story was beautiful and I like having the book there to remind me that I can always go back when I need it.

The Bad:

The book ended. That is literally the only thing I did not like about this book.

The Recommendation:

Read this book. Now. You will not regret it. Not only is the writing phenomenal but who doesn’t love supporting an indy author? This book is a 5 star read in my opinion and JR Rogue definitely earned each and every one of those stars. Buy it here on Amazon or you can spend a little bit extra and get a signed copy from JR Rogue’s etsy shop!

Want to know where to find her?

  1. Her blog
  2. Goodreads (who doesn’t want to know what the author is reading?)
  3. Facebook author page
  4. Facebook group (so you can get all of the information first!)
  5. Instagram (she posts great poetry on there?)

It’s been fun as always!! Don’t forget to post your questions and comments below!!

And just because it’s my favorite quote ever

“He is my music, and I am merely madness and melancholy” ❤




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