Hump Day Fun Day!

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday and welcome to random post of the week! I basically had (and really still have) no idea what I was going to post about today. I asked my beautiful non-reader friend what her thoughts were and she gave me great ideas… But none were book related but I forgive her because she is super busy doesn’t read books but still reads my (super awesome, amazing, fabulous) blog each time I post so I love her even though she doesn’t read. And then I asked the husband what he thought would be cool and he said “talk about how I can’t beat this stupid level of Panda Pop and I’ll never catch up to your amazing awesomeness in this game you are so good at” (loosely translated since we had this conversation at like 10PM and I basically run on old lady time so this was late) so I don’t know if that was his legitimate idea or if he was so focused it was all he could think about haha. So here is your shout-out husband for not being able to beat me ❤

Needless to say, here we are. Random post Wednesday and I have no real idea what to talk about. I don’t know what you want to hear more about or what is interesting to you. Clearly pinterest is not doing it’s job of filling my head with ideas. And I have also realized that  blogging is going to require me to be like a million times more organized than I have ever been in my life. I’m still not sure how I feel about that at this point in time but I did attempt to make a plan and add some stuff to my calendar so that when I think I have free time I will know that I in fact do not.

Something that I have learned in this short time as a blogger, besides the fact that I use “so” a lot and often feel the need to insert random bits of information between everything I write (I feel that you should know I also speak this way so nobody gets away from my over explaining ways), is that even when nobody but your friends read your post you shouldn’t give up. If you strongly believe in something that is all that really matters. It is not about what other people thing or how they see you but it is about how you feel. And right now I feel pretty amazing. Authors that I respect and stalk follow on social media and basically just love have taken the time to respond to me when I write a review for their books or to help promote my blog to their readers and I can honestly say that is THE COOLEST THING EVER!!

I have always been a super big nerd who loves loves loves reading and it has always been a goal in my little nerdy heart to even just get noticed in a comment by an author so that they know how much I love what they do because it really does take a TON of work to be a writer! This past month I really got excited because an amazing Indy author gave me my very first ARC which has basically been the magical unicorn in my life (and let’s be real- still is!) and when I wrote a review she thanked me and then we actually got chatting. She not only spoke about her book but also offered up advise and has always been very supportive. An author who just released a brand new book took the time to talk to me, a random fan who found her on accident. My heart basically exploded. You can ask my BFF and husband because I think I sent them each about 1,000 text messages within an hour.

So a big shout out and thank you so much to HB Stumbo for being so freaking awesome! I cannot express how much it meant to me that you stopped and chatted with a random new fan and actually read what I had to say about your books [still patiently waiting for more Devil Town but no pressure ;)] because you really have helped with all of your happy positiveness and you’re basically a fabulous writer!

Thank you Cassie for always reading my posts even though you don’t read books and giving me feedback so I know what works and doesn’t work. Not to mention the fact that you made my very first logo just because you’re a great friend. And super big thank you for being okay with the one million texts you get respond to when something happens ❤ I appreciate you and the time we spend together!

Thank you Tyler Conrad ❤ you are my best friend with benefits 😉 even if some of those benefits include listening to rants haha. You are my rock in all things and you always push me to be better. And you put up with my crazy. And you even get excited when I talk to you about blog stuff even though you are not a big reader or fan of the books I collect around the house.

Wow! This blog took a mushy turn but that is okay I suppose since I feel like those people deserved a big shout out for being awesome. Well I guess that is enough rambling for now! See you Friday with a review!!

As always! Let me know what you would like to see or even what you don’t want to see.


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