A day late…

Hey everyone! Happy July 5th!! I had every intention of writing a blog post yesterday… and then I decided hey! You have kids and a day off. Be lazy and have fun. So I did. And it was amazing. The monsters ran wild and drank soda (those dads I tell you) and screamed at fireworks because what is more fun than creating a scene? Girls I tell you! Anyways… I was just going to wait and post Wednesday but then something on Facebook came up and being the loudmouth that I am I decided I wanted to talk about it. So you can choose to read my awesome and wise words (ha!) or ignore them. That’s cool too… I totally respect your choices… but maybe you should read it because why not??

I am participating in Foster an Author 2 this year! Soooo super excited to be a part of this awesome new adventure! If you are a blogger (on any platform is my understanding) or an author you can sign up to participate in this event! And you can go to this Facebook group to learn more about the whole thing!! It is already so much fun and I am glad that my blog gets to be a part of this event! The general idea is that they match a blog up with an author and then for a week in October the blog and author work together to promote the author! That is just a general idea so definitely get more details at https://www.facebook.com/JoandIsalovebooks/ (just in case!)!

Anyways… Some stuff came up that got me to thinking about being nice to people, even when we don’t know them. In general I like to believe that I am a nice person. I am very sarcastic so I can be a brat but I do not mind being called out for it. I occasionally need to be reminded that joking is can be taken too far. I just want to say a few things about being nice. You are always entitled to an opinion. Always. The key here is to make sure that when you state your opinion you remember that not everyone will agree and that there is a nice way to give your opinion. That being said stop bashing on each other. Life is hard enough without that business.  I feel this especially towards he book community as of late. I just saw a post on Facebook of an author that is no longer going to write. I don’t know her personally and I can honestly say I don’t know if I read her books but her post was sad. The gist I got was that writing was too crazy and people didn’t help that. I’ve been fortunate to find really awesome author groups on Facebook full of really kind people (even the villains are good) and feel so lucky to know them. And by know them I mean stalk them because I can sometimes be quiet and keep to myself. I know I know. Weird! 

But back to my main point. Authors need bloggers and bloggers need authors. And really authors need each other and so do bloggers. This is a tough field to be in. Writers are pouring themselves out into their words and then are brave enough to share it with the world. Holy cow! I wish I could do that! And they need dedicated bloggers to help promote them. Both groups require dedication and passion. So before you say something mean about one another remember- we are all a team. Authors- show your appreciation and love for each other. Even if you don’t necessarily prefer their genre or like what they wrote. They still put it out there for the world. Bloggers- take the time to respond to requests even if you aren’t able to help because then they aren’t stuck in limbo. 

Let’s have a conversation 😀

Email me at b_reinhardt@live.com

Stalk me at my Facebook page  https://m.facebook.com/readerwithaplan/?ref=bookmarkss


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