Hump Day (again)

Hey friends!!! Happy hump day. I tried to think of something catchy to put there but my brain is not at full capacity. Life is… crazy. In a good way of course! But still. Dang- girl needs a margarita or 7. I really hope to one day have a plan for my Wednesday posts but as of yet I still have nothing. As I stand at the computer trying to think of ways to wow you and draw you guys into my awesome (unbiased opinion) blog I can only think about how tired I am.

Did you know that applying and interviewing for new jobs is exhausting. The waiting is torture and dream jobs always require more work and stress than the average job because you actually care. And want it so dang bad. There is the anxiety of change because I am so comfortable where I am and I like most of my co-workers. There is the intense worry of leaving my three monsters with their dad all week long for 16 weeks and only getting to be with 4 of my most favorite people for weekends before driving back to be alone. And these are just two of the things swirling in my head. What if I fail and I have to come back to work and tell everyone that I didn’t make the cut? What about the friends and family that are always checking in for an update? This worry consumes me and makes me so unsure of not only myself and my capabilities but of my dream. But mostly I am so afraid of being a letdown to those who believe in me so much. What if I really can’t do it?! Tomorrow is going to be a little intense and about 1000 miles out of my comfort zone. Please pray for me.

I wanted to write a post that was fun and carefree to talk about books and draw people in but I just don’t know if I can do that today. I feel caged and nervous. Ugh!! Stop it self!!! Okay! Fun book things…

My facebook page is soooooo close to 200 followers. If we reach 200 I am going to do a giveaway of any one of the books I have done a review post on- winners choice! So if you want to follow along you can find that HERE. I like to think it is fun over there but it could definitely use some spice so if you have any ideas I would love you for the help!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by today!! I promise Friday will be better!! Have a great day!! Again- sorry for my crazy non-book brain today.

*Interested in getting your book reviewed or need a Beta reader? Check out Review or Beta Policy here for the correct info and to find the forms 🙂


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