I’m all about that random post

Hello again friends and random people (you know who you are) and welcome to another under-prepared random Wednesday post. So many fun things have happened this week! I know I say that a lot but I feel like we should celebrate every little bit of joy in this sometimes joyless world!

So big shout out to my lovely and talented friend Jen Tirone on getting her first draft of her book Farewell, My Loves all done!! That’s right people- now its just to the fluffing and editing stages!! This is so exciting because Jen has been working so hard to get this amazing story out to the world and she is now that much closer ❤ I have been so blessed with her friendship since she asked me to be a beta reader for this book. She was literally the first person to ask me and was cool with being my guinea pig and honestly she has probably spoiled my for all others because we have gotten to know each other and now we just text random thoughts back and forth. She is literally across the United States from me but I still love her and am sooooo glad that we met and have built a friendship based off a mutual love of books! She’s basically amazing and I can’t wait until everyone gets to know what an amazing writer she is ❤ but I would like to put a disclaimer out there now- I totally call dibs on her so you can’t have her! Not to mention she is the one who convinced me to learn out to use snapchat and now that I know how to make that stupid dog face I may addicted so I clearly have to keep her around to teach me this stuff.

Let’s see what else… Camp is next week which means I will not see, talk to, or be near my husband and children from Sunday morning until Friday night. And that doesn’t even include the fact that I won’t get to see my BFF for that long also which is ridiculous in my opinion. Thankfully this is for a good reason and really is close to my heart and I know that there will be plenty of support back home for the husband and monsters so even if they aren’t showered until I get home they will have clean undies and food 🙂 Also on that note- I will be UNREACHABLE from Sunday morning until probably Saturday at the earliest because I have important things to do and there is no service up there (which kind of makes my heart happy) and my husband and monsters get Friday night uninterrupted. I am so excited even though I am fully under-prepared haha I get to be with The A Team all week and help amazing kids know they are loved!

I am slowly but surly getting more organized which is amazing but if anyone has any great tips to share please don’t hold back!!

And I know today is not a review post day and I already posted twice about Beth Flynn but you guys!! READ THE 9 MINUTES TRILOGY!! So good!!

Okay! I think that I have rambled on enough! Don’t forget- no blog posts for next week at all and I will not be able to respond to anyone until after the 29th!! See you all Friday for the review of a as yet undecided book!

Don’t forget that you can reach me at any of the places listed in About Me, Myself, and I



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