Review for The Summer Remains by Seth King

Happy Monday you guys! Sorry about last week being kind of a mess. I was being a little lazy honestly- trying to get the whole organized thing down and I am pretty impressed with myself if I do say so! I have been really bogged down with review requests lately so I have decided that since I miss hard copies of books so much this week I will not be reading on the kindle because I don’t want to get burned out on my most favorite thing to do! So for your viewing pleasure I have decided to review a Seth King book because not only is he adorable with great hair and a strong selfie game (click here if you don’t believe me) but he writes amazing books! So without further ado!

Twenty-four-year-old Summer Johnson knows two things. The first is that due to a quickly worsening medical condition, she faces a risky surgery in three months’ time that may or may not end in her death. The second is that she would like to fall in love before then.

As spring sinks into her namesake season on the Florida coastline, Summer plays the odds and downloads a new dating app – and after one intriguing message from a beautiful surfer named Cooper Nichols, it becomes clear that the story of what may be her last few months under the sun is about to be completely revised. All she has to do now is write something worth reading.

Tender, honest, devastating and triumphant, The Summer Remains explores a very human battle being waged in a very digital age: the search for a love that will outlast this temporary borrowing of bones. In an era when many feel compelled to share and re-share anything about everything, prepare to feel a love so special, you will want to hug it close and make it yours forever.

-Description from Amazon (affiliate)

My Thoughts:
This. Book. This is the first book I have ever read by Seth King and it was amazing. I can’t even explain the feelings that this book brought out. It never went where you might expect it to go and the real deep down feelings about trying to fit into a world that would rather put you in the closet and not think about you was simply amazing. I don’t want to spoil anything because this is a book you should definitely go into blind (I know I always say this but for reals! You will feel everything if you do it that way) because the ending is not going to be what you expect and I have always believed that if you want to get the full effect of what you are reading (which is kind of the point to reading right? Feel something and go somewhere out of our everyday norm) then hold on tight and go with it. You will probably throw your book, you will get mad, you will love, and you will be so happy. I know that some people are skeptical of male writers, especially those that write from a female point of view but I am telling you guys- READ THIS BOOK. It stays with you and I think it reminds us how important it is to live life. We don’t know what the future looks like and we need to live in the moment- grabbing life by the horns and riding it out. I love it when a book makes me think and feel and that is what happened with The Summer Remains. I have this on the re-read list for sure! And I have since added a couple more of his books to the collection.

The Recommendation:
5 stars for sure! You guys really should read this. I can’t even begin to find the words to explain how many great things this touches on. Love, living life, seeing beyond what is in front of us, and learning to love yourself the way others love you. It is so perfect! Buy this work of art from Amazon by click on the cool picture below! (I legally have to tell you I am an affiliate or something like that)

Want to know where to check out Seth King and stalk his selfies? Check it out!

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook author page
  3. Goodreads
  4. Twitter
  5. Amazon

As always guys- its been a pleasure!! Stay tuned for Wednesdays post because I have a huge surprise! I actually pre-planned for the Random Post!! I know you guys- it’s insane!! And I am so excited so be sure to check back and see what fun things are in store! And don’t forget to check the links below to find me everywhere I try to hide 🙂


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