Review of You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes(audio book)

Happy Monday my wonderful Word Nerds!! Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. I was maybe being a smidgen lazy and decided to cut back on some stuff. Which has of course put me behind on book stuff BUT I did catch up on laundry, Vampire Diaries, and my most favorite people around so sorry but totally not at all sorry! (Except you Jen because I promise I am working my Beta read and turning it in ASAP!)

So I figured since I am a little behind on my reading of books (don’t worry I am still reading its just stuff I have already spoken about 🙂 ) I figured why not take this chance to talk about Caroline Kepnes and her awesome books You and Hidden Bodies which I listened to while driving to and from work! I love to read a good book but I think that sometimes you get these books that are amazing AND then they get an amazing narrator that just brings the whole thing to the next level and the audio book becomes almost better that the written book. Now before you throw rocks at me hear me out!

When you ask a book reader what they would like to see in a movie based off a book you get a lot of this:


But with audio books the characters are brought to life and they don’t leave anything out of the story! This was particularly nice on the drive to work since it usually takes me about 30 to 45 minutes each direction and I can get into a music slump (heartbreaking!) so I have finally embraced the joy of audio books. And what better way than to meet Joe?

My Thoughts:
Okay- I know that I usually post a blurb to go along with the book but I did two books in one and didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with words (especially when I already have so much to say!) and decided to skip them for now but you can find them at Amazon or Goodreads or really anywhere that sells books so there you go!

Okay first of all- Holy cow Caroline Kepnes! You made a bad guy who is slightly crazy and then you turned him into the guy I found myself rooting for in the end. Even while he was doing anything bad he could rationalize it enough to the point where I would “hmm I could see that,” which I would like the record to show does not mean I am crazy haha. I can tell when its just a book 😉 (unless its my book boyfriend but that is completely different)!

The narrator Santino Fontana has a way of bringing Joe to life in such a way that its like he’s just sitting with you, telling you everything that he has done with his life. This was definitely a power team and I am so glad that I decided to give audio books a try!

Caroline has a brilliant and twisted mind that I think any reader can appreciate and it is made all the more interesting by the bits or her personality we get to see on social media (where I maybe occasionally stalk her). She comes across so nice and sweet (which I am sure she is!) and I love that because then you read her book and you meet Joe and *BAM!*

I definitely give both books a solid 4 out 5 stars and the narration is on point! If you want a book that grabs you from the very start and doesn’t let you go then go read this book! OR have Santino read it to you! Joe is a genius who loves books so what more do you need?

Audible Link for You

Audible link for Hidden Bodies

Want to know how to stalk Caroline? Look no further!

  1. Facebook page
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  3. Goodreads!
  4. Twitter (of course!)
  5. Website

Thanks for hanging out! I am sorry for the pause but I am back and I’ll see you wild Word Nerds on hump day!!



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