Umm hello life….

Hey Word Nerds! Long time no talk! Sorry about that! I know I say this a lot but life is the ultimate kind of crazy right now and October is kicking my butt! I wanted to update you all and kind of give you a heads up on what is going on over at Reader With a Plan! So let’s start with some housekeeping and changes first!


I have decided that I won’t be accepting any new review requests at this point in time. I just feel like I got overwhelmed with requests and I hate turning people down so I accepted more than I should have. I never want reading to become a chore because it is my escape. For now I will simply apply to the review requests that authors or other pages post so I can be a little more selective and not feel bad! If I have accepted a request from you just know that I am working on those as fast as I can. I did not plan well for the fall with school starting back up and I have fallen a bit behind but school and family must always come first for me. I am so sorry and you can always feel free to email me and follow-up if you think I have dropped the ball. As soon as your review is ready I will email you 🙂 I will be focusing more on just reviewing the things I want to read because I have about a million books I want to read but don’t because than I feel bad for not reading one off of the review list, and then I don’t read anything because I don’t want to be told what to read by no stinking list. It’s a vicious cycle.  If I have already told you that I will review or Beta read (*cough Hayley and Jen* cough) and we are just waiting for stuff to be done please know that I would do anything for you ladies and that is part of the reason I am stepping back a smidge. I want to have room for the fabulous people who I adore feel really committed to.

I am a mom of three monsters and they are always first so I don’t want to spend every minute of their childhood reading (unless we are doing it together or they are reading to me because I love it!) and school is a very high priority for me. I started this blog in the summer when I was free and didn’t plan as well as I should have for the school year. I am so sorry. I hope you guys stick with the blog because I will still be posting and having fun, it is just going to be less frequent blog wise and more involved on instagram and facebook because they are so easy to do whenever and don’t take a ton of planning. I am not trying to gain sympathy but really wanted to share that I took time to evaluate my goals and the blog was eating up a lot of it. So please please stick around! I love all of you and I love talking books with you!

Thank you all for helping make Reader With a Plan what it is today! You are all amazing!


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