Prepping for Halloween

Hey Word Nerds! Happy hump day (I will never stop saying this no matter how many posts I see that I use it in so ha!) and welcome to the last week before Halloween! I am so excited! I love Halloween and very much believe in adults dressing up always! I am super excited because my husband, who does not always agree, is finally dressing up this year and to top it off he is dressing up in a themed costume with our whole family! That’s right people! We have him committed and costumed! I will wait until next week to reveal the amazingness because you really have to see it to appreciate it. So I figured that I would share a few ways I get ready for this fun holiday!!

I of course do the usual and watch the childhood classics with the monsters. I think this year our favorite is definitely:


I used to watch this every year growing up and now we watch it as a family. The other day a friend on Facebook posted that she was going to watch it for the first time ever. And then quickly updated that they didn’t finish the movie. I was so sad but I guess this is one of those movies that you have to have seen as a kid to be able to enjoy it as an adult haha. Regardless- it is always a Halloween must at our house!

I always like to find spooky or paranormal books to read too! This month has sadly been lacking in this department for me but I did manage to find a few books to really help me get through it all!


That’s right people! I found a Dracula coloring book this year and it even has quotes from the book in it! It’s basically perfect! I haven’t actually read Dracula so I picked that bad boy up while on a trip with the husband! I can’t wait to read it!

And then of course Halloween cookies!! There is nothing like destroying the kitchen with my baby monsters while creating our masterpieces. Sadly no pictures yet for you guys but hopefully this weekend we will get to make our mess the fabulous cookies that my husband loves!

What are some awesome thing you word nerds like to do with or without the kids? I can sometimes trick the husband into one costume party without the kids but this year we may not get a sitter 😦 share your stories so I can live vicariously through you guys!! See you here Friday for a long awaited book review!



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