Review of The Majestic Life of Unicorns!!! Written and Illustrated by Abigail Reinhardt

Happy Halloween word nerds!! I almost forgot to post today! Sorry sorry! Midterms are coming up haha. But here we are! We made it! So without further ado!

As many of you know I have three monsters who I adore. Well my oldest, Abigail, is a big fan of reading and she occasionally dabbles in writing as well. Up to this point it has mostly been plays that her and her friends act out (which is absolutely adorable!) but this week she wrote a book. And you guys! She dedicated it to me! That’s right people! I have a book dedicated to me! Be jealous people! So I figured that if this kid dedicated a book to me the least I could do was brag about how amazing it is! Not only did this awesome kid write a book but she also illustrated it. And what did she put on the cover? A unicorn duh! But not to be one that blends in with everyone she drew the unicorn pooping. Yep. A pooping unicorn on the cover titled “The Majestic Life of Unicorns!!!” and I have honestly never been so proud! Being the dramatic kid she is ( I have NO idea where she gets this from…) she wrote “dedicated to: Briana Reinhardt. My mom. Long live our lasting love!” She is seriously working hard to earn that coveted favorite child position!

So basically this book is about a girl Sophie who finds this unicorn in the forest but when she goes back to tell her parents they don’t believe her so she goes and lives with said unicorn for 4 years to prove them wrong (talk about dedication)! Well then the unicorn and Sophie are just hanging out having a grand old time when the evil queen (you know- the one) plots to steal the unicorn, leaving poor Sophie alone and crying. Sophie decides to stop sitting around and goes out to find her unicorn! She gets the unicorn back and asks the unicorn her name (we may have to work on organization here a bit lol) and basically Sophie and Lyria live happily ever after!

This is a quick read for those with vary limited free time and you guys the best part?! It’s a HEA! I love those and I was glad this one wasn’t a cliffhanger. I would tell you all to go out and buy it like right now but sadly I am in possession of the only living copy so suck it people! It’s mine! I give this book 1000 stars out of 10! Why? Because this is literally the coolest book anyone has ever given me!


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