Review of The Last I Love You by Madalyn Beck

Happy Tuesday Word Nerds! I decided to post today because I can do what I want 😉 and because Madalyn Beck is a writing genius that I love ❤ I am pretty sure I found her on Instagram because of HB Stumbo but I have the memory of a goldfish for that kind of stuff so I can’t be sure. And to be honest it doesn’t even matter because the fact is that I found her and I love it! I ordered my very first book from Amazon when it came out and I have been trying to squeeze in the time for it and then decided that I would just go for it and pause everything else because I love reading haha. So without further ado….



I could have love you forever, but I couldn’t love alone.

-Description straight off the back of the book

My Thoughts:
Holy cow. All of the feels. From the very beginning it felt like traveling into time and getting to feel the rush and joy of brand new love. The struggles and the hurts pulled me in and the bravery of stepping out and moving on was so real and raw I could feel it all. I found myself reading some of the poems over and over again. I think one thing that I particularly love about Madalyn’s work is how much of herself she puts in to it. It takes a lot for people to write and then to share that with the world but I feel that poetry is really special in that regard because it is life and experience and inner turmoil. The author is pouring themselves into their work and then sharing it with others. I respect that so much because it can be so hard to put yourself out there and not know what will come of it. So Madalyn- thank you for sharing this story ❤ it wasn’t a perfect situation but your words are amazing and I think they are so real and relatable! You have helped people heal and feel better  and I hope you know that.

My Recommendation:
Go buy the book. Seriously- it is so unbelievable relatable and full of feelings ❤ 5 stars for sure! If you stick around I may even be doing a giveaway exclusively on the blog for an E-book copy!

Want to know where to stalk connect with Madalyn? Well you’re in luck! I have some links for you!
1. Facebook page
2. Instagram

3. Twitter

4. Amazon author page

Let me know what you guys think of the book!



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