My year in books

Happy hump day word nerds!! It feels so good to actually remember to post something on my blog! I always think I will be on top of stuff but I have given up pretending haha! I am a hot mess so it will probably always be hit and miss! But I love you all for sticking it out!

So I was stalking the lovely HB Stumbo’s blog and totally loved the way she posted about her favorite reads of the year so I thought to myself “self, let’s steal borrow this amazing idea and do a blog post about 2016 in books!” so here we are!

According to Goodreads I have read 118 books this year! Holy cow haha. I apparently was a mediocre parent and friend this year (at least for bits of it anyways!).

Debut Author: Jen Tirone and Farewell, my Loves. Seriously! If you guys haven’t read it yet you are missing out. Not only is Jen an amazing person (she totally is and I already called dibs so back off!) her writing is phenomenal! She pulls you into her book and makes you feel all of the feels ever! This is her first book and I for one cannot wait to read anything she writes and to add this beautiful book to my shelf.

Poetry: This one is always so tough for me because I don’t ever know how to rate poetry because this is someone pouring themselves into their work and sharing a bit of their heart with you and to me that makes all poetry amazing. This year I would definitely go with Madalyn Beck’s The Last I Love You. While I am sure it was written from somewhere different then my own past (we are all snowflakes people) I related so much to this chap book and the words inside. It is like she reads my mind and writes it into perfect words. I am slightly obsessed if you haven’t guessed but seriously. She writes and I feel it all.

New Adult/Romance: One of my favorite authors of course weaseled her way on to the list with her amazing writing and conflict. Low by Mary Elizabeth was one of my all time favorites this year! I love Mary’s style of writing and this book was just perfect. It was like reading about how we all wish we could live. Free and in love. Seriously, they did not go about it the right way but who hasn’t thought about just living and being with the person they love?

Women’s Fiction: Yes that’s right, I went on Amazon to see what subgroup these books are in so I can make sure to include all of my favorites ❤ and this one really is like poetry written out in book form. “He reminded me that I am good.” Sometimes we all need that person in our life to remind us that we are worth love and that we are not the sum of things that have been done to us and this book really showed brought those points home.  Burning Muses by JR Rogue is one of the most heart wrenching and cleansing books I have read in a long time (if ever) and for that I will always reread this book. It is Rogue’s first novel and she blew it out of the water. She has a way with words that are just poetic and full of feeling. She shares a bit of her heart with all of her words and this is evident in her work. I honestly love all of the things she puts out into the world and she is what started my obsession with poetry.

Made me feel all of the feels: A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole reminds us that HEA is not always the same thing in every single book. Sometimes it is just getting to bask in the love of two characters and their adventure together. I don’t even have words for this book other than that it needs to be read and felt. It is amazing and beautiful. Now I have to go re-read it and cry, excuse me.

What about you guys? Any amazing reads of 2016 that the world needs to know about?? Tell me so I can read them all!! Connect with me on some of my social media sites!

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