Touch by Natalia Jaster

Happy Monday word nerds! I hope you all survived the holidays and everything that goes along with that! We are fighting off illness at home- those dang monsters insist on sharing with each other once a year and its always germs! But here we are, alive and in a brand new year! I figured I would share my thoughts on Touch by Natalia Jaster since it was the last book of 2016 and I absolutely loved it! So without further ado…

The myth of Eros isn’t the truth. Her story is the truth . . .

Love is an immortal bad girl. With a strike of her arrow and a smirk on her face, she pins human hearts together against their will. It’s for their own good, of course—silly, clueless creatures that they are.

But Love has never loved. Not until the Fates parcel her off to a small, frostbitten town littered with needy souls. Not until she crosses paths with Andrew, a boy whose gaze locks onto hers. Yet how can this be? Mortals don’t have the power to see deities.

The longer they’re friends, the more Love wishes she could touch Andrew. In gentle ways. In other tempting and reckless ways as well.

It’s impossible. She isn’t a true part of his world. She’s an outsider whose fingers will only ever sweep through him. A mischievous, invisible goddess who’s destined to be alone. And he’s destined for someone else. By order of the Fates, it’s Love’s duty to betray his trust. To seal his heart while ignoring the gash in her own.

Or she could become human. For there is one very tricky, very dangerous way to do so.

If only Andrew felt the same about her, it might be worth the risk.

*Mature YA: sexual content and language. Intended for readers 17 and older*

Goodreads description

My Thoughts:

Oh. My. Gosh. This book seriously helped pull me out of my book funk! I have been stuck for like two weeks trying to find a fun book to help get me focused and this was it. I fell in love with Love and Andrew so fast and I feel no shame about this. This book is fun and full of emotions on every page and Love was just so much fun. She was so sassy and full of feelings that she wanted to share. I think that one of my favorite parts of this book was that you never knew which way it was going to go and it honestly did not matter as long as Love was happy in the end! I really feel like there isn’t a lot I can say because there is so much that you really just need to read the book to know. I hate spoilers and I think that you should go in blind to a book as much as possible and this book is no exception.


My Recommendation:
5 stars for this book! It was just an all around fun read and it ended up being a much lighter read than I anticipated. I recommend this book as a read when you want to break-up some darker reads or find yourself in a slump.

If you read this (why wouldn’t you?!) let me know what you think! I loved this one and can’t wait to start on her next book!

Want to know where to find Natalia? Check out some of these links!:

  1. Website
  2. Goodreads
  3. Tumblr



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