Review of Skin by BB Easton

Happy Friday word nerds. I have been waiting to do a review for this book because I just didn’t have the words to express the amount of love and obsession I have for this book and for BB Easton. The struggle is real people. I read this book twice. Back to back. Obsessed. I am also obsessed with the billions of teasers being made. At this point I feel like it is appropriate to call it an addiction.

Based on (mostly) true events, SKIN is the story of Knight and BB. It is the story of how a good girl, from a good home, with good intentions and even better grades, managed to get herself mixed up in every bad thing imaginable. It is about love and loss and learning that in this life, looks can be deceiving.

*To fully enjoy this book it is recommended that readers first experience 44 CHAPTERS ABOUT 4 MEN; however, SKIN can be read as a stand-alone.

**SKIN is not intended for everyone. It contains themes that might upset or offend sensitive audiences. Please consult the introduction for a list of triggers.

-Goodreads description

While reading this book I just wanted to go and find Knight and give him all of the hugs in the world. This is not your typical love story between a 15 year old punk and an 18 year old skin head. It is so much more. The unhealthy and often times destructive love shared by Knight and BB is just so perfect. It is the ultimate story of being young and in love and wanting to fix the world for the person you put above all others. I maybe also wanted to smoke and swear but alas I only did one of those things and my husband laughed the whole time (apparently I sound ridiculous when I cuss-whatever)! But in all seriousness I found myself sad for both of them. 15 year old girls should not be the hero for 18 year old boys that don’t know how to be loved but at the same time the whole relationship brought me so much happiness. Young BB cared about the boy everyone was scared of and nobody could love and that just melted my heart.

The beginning tells you that this is a true story for the most part and BB has even said that she just let the characters lead her and while I am normally curious by nature I hope she never tells us what is true and what is not. Because it doesn’t matter. The story is perfect and should be told how it is because the only people that know the whole story should get to keep that for themselves always. BB crushed this book and I personally am #teamKnight for always ❤ (don’t tell my husband!)

Dear BB, thank you for writing and for sharing pieces of yourself with us. And for being okay with having stalkers and obsessed fans. Seriously. You are amazing and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books. ❤

So I made a teaser for the book I figured I would share and I am going to share one that Maria Blalock made because she is seriously amazing and full of great ideas!

This is the one by Maria Blalock ❤ it basically makes me want to cry every time I see it


Here is mine ❤ Because when BB realizes she loves him she does it fully


So if you want to stalk the magical unicorn that is BB Easton it’s super easy because she loves it!

  1. Super secret facebook group that isn’t secret!
  2. Facebook page
  3. Instagram (I am obsessed with Instagram!)
  4. and of course Goodreads!

Thanks for hanging out and let me know what you guys think of the book when it comes out on February 7, 2017! And while you are waiting go buy 44 Chapters about 4 men while it is on sale for only 99 pennies!!



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