Review of Background Music by JR Rogue

Oh J.R. Rogue. Why do you always play with my emotions in the best possible way?! I found this amazing author on Instagram thanks to another fabulous author and I have been obsessed ever since. There is not one piece of work by Jen that you can’t feel her in and Background Music is no different.
I feel like this book was almost softer than Burning Muses and that is not at all bad. I don’t mean that Jen pulled punches because we all know she doesn’t do that. It just felt soft and I think that is 100% to do with the main character, Kat. She is soft and full of romance even with some rough spots in her life. But that doesn’t mean she is all soft and easy to roll over. She is strong and brave even when that is scary. There is just a quiet beauty that Kat brings to the book and I love that about her. She is a soft and beautiful character who is so much stronger than she realizes. Did I just repeat myself a bunch? Probably but I am obsessed and I can’t get over Kat and Reese.


Oh Reese. Beautiful Reese who left a man-child and came back a man that deserved to be loved. I think that one of my favorite things about Reese is how much work he put into himself to grow up but then found himself and realized that dreams are important, even if it doesn’t match the expectations put on you by those that love you. He came home thinking he was a better man but I think that when he realized that it was okay to love music and to fight for that dream he really became a man. Sometimes people need to leave the memories behind to be able to find themselves and grow and Reese did that. He didn’t always do it the best way but he did it.


“You’re more than background music for someone else’s life.”

It’s the message that will change everything.
The message Kat Roberts receives from a man she’s never met.
The message no one else is supposed to see but her.
The message that leads to the greatest violence
against her body she will ever know.

I give this book 5 solid stars! Jen knows how to make you feel the feels all over your little black heart and does it beautifully. Good job on another amazing book J.R. Rogue!

I forgot to tell you how to stalk her!!! Epic fail that I am now fixing because I love you guys!

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram (which is my favorite because she posts a lot of poetry here!)
  3. Twitter



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