Review of Beast: an anthology by various authors!

Okay word nerds! I finally got one done for you! Sorry for the lack of anything- I have been crazy busy  but I have missed you all!!

A TALE ABOUT changing your fate once it’s already written, because knowing your future can be a blessing or a curse.

-The Fortune by Stephanie Alba

This was a good lead into the book. One thing that is hard about short stories is you have to get a lot of details into a little bit of space. I think that this one, in particular, was good but it didn’t really leave me wanting to know everyone in it more. With that said, I also appreciated that the story was done in such a way and with such a great wrap up that I felt like I had gotten a complete story in one go. I didn’t need to know anything else to feel like the story was complete.

A TALE OF blurred lines and two unlikely souls who find a way to make peace with their beasts—after all, life is hard, but death is harder.

-Perception by Madalyn Beck

I love all things written by Madalyn Beck… seriously, all of the things! She has a way of writing the emotions into her work and this time was no different. I could feel the hurt and loneliness in her characters and I could feel the comfort they found together. She did a great job of giving us a taste of her characters in a way that it felt like we were there with them. Madalyn made me feel all of the things and I will always swoon for Reece ❤

A TALE OF a heartbreaker prince and the young sorceress who puts a tragic spell on him—it’s no surprise he wants revenge—but first he must understand what it truly means to be called a monster.

-Unlovable by Jessica Bucher

I really enjoyed the setting for this one! I am a big fan of paranormal and this one really touched on that along with a historical feel. I also thought it was a cool twist on the original story with the curse coming from the same person who saves him in the end. It was a nicely done little story!

A TALE OF a woman who wanted to live beyond the gates of her manor, and the Beast who broke down her walls.

-Jules and Jameson by Jeannine Colette

This story was great! Definitely one that I will be following around (the info about that is in the book so go check it out!) but one thing that was a little hard for me was the huge age gap, she is 15 (turns 16) and he is 20 already. It didn’t read like the girl was 15/16 so if you don’t think about it too much it will be fine. I just don’t like big age gaps like that and would have felt better if she was older or he was younger. But with that being said I still loved this story. It is a classic, fighting the odds story and I am a sucker for those!

A TALE OF a beastly storm that traps a doctor and his secretary in the basement of the hospital they work in—and what happens when old wounds are torn apart and two pasts collide.

-Every Beautiful Piece by A.M. Johnson

Oh this story!! I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find out that it is going to become a full-length novel! It was so well done and such a beautiful story of not letting tragedy drown you. I haven’t read anything by A.M. Johnson before but I basically added everything she has written to my Goodreads list! I cannot wait to read the rest of this amazing story ❤

A TALE OF two men defined by how they look and the one woman who refuses to see it.

-the Forgottan Man by Caroline Nolen

The description does not match the story so I was a little surprised when I was reading it haha. I think that the story starts off really great and I am always a sucker for a hero that has a secret soft spot for kids! I think what really threw me off though was how it felt like Adam was making progress and then at the end, it feels like he did a complete 180 back to the beginning when thinking about what is important in life. I was totally on board until then. Definitely a solid start with a swoony hero.

A TALE OF a book thief who is kidnapped by a rival bandit and learns the meaning of true sacrifice.

-The Thief and the Marauder by Amanda Richardson

Of all the stories this one most clearly mirrored the Beauty and the Beast plot line, in my opinion. I really liked the concept of this story but the ending was a little too abrupt and made me a little sad because I was hoping for a better wrap up. I really enjoyed this concept and I liked the dysetopian feel of this story. It is one of my favorite genres so I was excited to find it in this anthology. I would definitely read this if it ever came out in a full length novel *hint hint*

A TALE ABOUT a man who wants nothing more than to die, and how he saves the life of someone who is dying to live.

-Sounds of Silence by Hayley Stumbo

Okay, this one is definitely one of my favorites! It was a great story and it was a little more soft than some of the others and I loved that! It was a slow love if that makes sense to anyone other than me. It was so good and it just made me happy to read.


Of all of the great stories in this book Madalyn Beck, A.M. Johnson, and Hayley Stumbo did a great job of writing the most engaging stories with a small limit. That is always hard to and to do well. I often don’t like short stories because I always feel like I want more and that is all there is but these three in particular managed to leave me not only wanting more but ending it in such a way that I felt okay with how it turned out. Everyone did a great job and this was an amazing opportunity to be able to meet some new authors and I can’t wait to read some of their full length novels!

I gave this book 4 out 5 stars! It is definitely worth reading and the 99 pennies you will spend on it all goes to the Wildlife Conservation Network so you not only get some great stories you also get to help a great cause! When you’re done reading let me know what you thought!!

Since there are 8 authors I will just link their Goodreads so you guys can get some stalking in!

  1. Stephanie Alba
  2. Madalyn Beck
  3. Jessica Bucher
  4. Jeannine Colette
  5. A.M. Johnson
  6. Caroline Nolan
  7. Amanda Richardson
  8. Hayley Stumbo














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