Review of Dragon Hearts & Dandelion Fuzz by Madalyn Beck

Hello fellow word nerds! I figured since last week was so empty and sad this week could be full of fun and books! So I am super excited to finally write this review because this book was amazing! So, without further ado!

Madalyn Beck invites you to peer into yourself while delving into her latest collection of poetry. Her poems are a fantastical introspection, inviting you to remember who you were and telling you who you could yet be. Her beautifully lyrical prose glimpses beyond the harsh truth of everyday life and reminds us that the world isn’t just how we see it; it’s what we make it. Life is more than survival; it’s a human experience that often seems otherworldly until we step beyond the boundaries set by convention and realize that we are each greater than the sum of our trials.

May the words inside help you find your wings and give you the courage to fly.

-Dragon Hearts & Dandelion Fuzz by Madalyn Beck

So poetry is still fairly new to me in the grand scheme of things, but it is definitely a genre I find myself obsessed with. I had been waiting to buy this book for a while because Madalyn said that she was going to be editing it and then re-releasing it. When that actually happened I had just been put on a book buying ban (ridiculous, I know!) but since I was impatient I decided to buy the ebook. I am glad that I stopped waiting.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you can’t cage a dragon? We will eat you alive.

There are not enough good words in the world to explain how much I loved this chapbook. The strength of Madalyn and her boldness can be found on every single page. Reading this collection left me feeling courageous and full of hope. I often forget to highlight the parts of books I love so I can use them later but I found myself wanting to highlight the entire book. This is a collection about not only not giving up, but about being better for the things you overcome. There is a strength in these pages that can be felt and held onto when you need it the most.

She’s a masterpiece, and deserves the type of love that never keeps  her heart from dancing.

I have never read anything by Madalyn Beck that wasn’t exceptional and this collection is no different. I feel like I have probably repeated myself 1,000 times but I don’t even care. I need you to understand the amount of love I have not only for this chapbook but for the amazing woman who wrote it. She is strong and bold and full of so many beautiful and empowering words. I appreciate how raw and open she is in her work and I love that it bleeds through into the words.

I give this book a million stars and I hope you do too! Let me know what you think if you get a chance to read it (and you definitely should)!

Want to know how to stalk the author? Tell her I said hi!

1. Facebook page
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4. Amazon author page




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