Review of Throes by Kat Savage

Happy Saturday word nerds! Here with a bonus post for you guys because I am on spring break (at least from classes!) and feel like living wild!

Kat Savage brings to you a selection of her older works. This collection, comprised of pieces seen on her social media accounts, is meant to give you a look at her earlier work as a whole. This poetry spans many different romantic scenarios, as well as thoughts on life and heartache. Savage also includes in this work, some pieces from her previously published book “Learning to Speak”.

I have been sitting on this collection for a couple of weeks (I think, time is irrelevant to me most days haha) and have been slowly making my way through here and there. I loved this collection because it was some of my favorite pieces I have seen her post on Instagram and no matter how many screenshots I take I always lose them, but now! Now they are always going to be on my bookshelf. And I even got smart because, as some of you know, I cannot bring myself to mark in a book. I have thought about it and I like the idea of it but still, no way ever. I will be honest, I came close in this book because there were so many good things I wanted to remember! As a middle ground, I kept a post-it note in the book and I wrote down the page of the poem that called me. And if that wasn’t enough I would write down one or two particular sentences that just wouldn’t leave in a book that I carry around and have titled “chaos inside” (which I will talk about later maybe?) so that when I need something I can go in there and look for whatever calls me.

One thing I always love about Kat’s work is how raw it is and this book is no exception. Even if you haven’t gone through the things she has you still feel the emotions of what is going on and I love that. A shared unfiltered look into someone is always amazing to me because it takes courage to show pieces of yourself to the world, and while I agree that all writers do that to some degree, poetry feels more alive. I don’t know, maybe I am romanticizing it but poetry does that to me 😉

So overall? Definitely 5 out of 5 stars ❤ and I will even share one of my favorites that I had to write down because you need to know how much you need this book!

-Sometimes I’m afraid to be anything more than alone. This way I have no one to disappoint but myself.

So with that I will leave you with some stalker links because Kat loves stalkers (or at least me!)

  1. Secret cult… I mean group
  2. Poetry page on FB
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. and in my opinion, the most important! Etsy shop

Okay! Let me know what you think of this awesome poetry collection!! Have a good weekend and read lots of words!


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