Review of Girl in the Mirror by Elizabeth Reyes

Happy Tuesday word nerds! I have been reading like a crazy lady… or so I thought but then a stupid facebook memory popped up and apparently this time last year I had read 45 books and currently I am only at 27… Dang you life for messing me up! But I digress… we are here to talk about Girl in the Mirror so without further ado…

A girl without a past.

Margaret Hellman wakes in a hospital with no memory of the horrific accident that claimed the lives of her sister and their best friend.

After years of struggling to regain a fraction of her memories, Maggie is left with no choice but to accept her past is gone. Despite the tormenting void in her heart.

Then the triggers start.

Tiny indiscernible but profoundly emotional glimpses of her past. The day she meets him, at her sister’s graveside sets off the most explosive trigger to date. It’s so overwhelming Maggie’s convinced she’s supposed to remember—she needs to.

As the puzzling pieces of her past start to come together, it’s clear something’s amiss. But nothing can prepare her for the shocking reality of what really happened that fateful day seven years ago.

Can you imagine what it would be like to lose a piece of yourself? What about losing all of the pieces that make up your past? Maggie wakes up from a coma with no idea who she is or who the woman calling herself mom is.

This book is the journey that Maggie must face to find out who she is and where she came from. While I feel that the overall plot was slightly predictable, that did not stop me from wanting to turn the pages and follow Maggie’s journey. Who doesn’t love a good mystery, sexy tattooed bikers, and love? Elizabeth Reyes did a great job creating a character that people care about and want to know more about.

Overall I would give this book 3.5 stars. It was definitely worth the read and I recommend it. It will be a great beach read this summer! Let me know what you guys thought of the book! Which you can buy here!

Have a great Tuesday book lovers!


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