Dropout (the Good Guys #3) by Jamie Schlosser

Happy Friday word nerds! I hope everyone is excited for the weekend and Easter! Spring is totally kicking my butt which is okay since it is for all important things! I feel like I should warn you guys that life is absolutely INSANE right now. Like overlapping and running insane so please just be a little patient and if it has been too long poke me with a stick to make sure I am alive! But we are here to discuss books not life and this book definitely needs to be talked about so without further ado…

Over the past year, I’ve been called a lot of things. Slacker. Troublemaker. Party animal.
I thought I was on top of the world. Turns out, I was pretty close to rock bottom.
Now I have a new title: college dropout.
Talk about a reality check.
But I’ve got a chance to redeem myself. One summer to turn things around. Two months to prove I’m not a complete f*ck-up.
It’s time to change.
I want to get back to being one of the good guys.

I have everything I need to live out my dream of being a reclusive songwriter—my guitar, my notebook, and blissful silence.
At least, I did until Jimmy moved in next door.
With tattoos, piercings, and mischievous green eyes, he’s got bad news written all over him. And last time I got with a bad boy, it ended horribly.
Jimmy makes me feel things I shouldn’t feel. Want things I shouldn’t want. He’s a hazard to my carefully laid plans.
But he’s only here for two months.
I can resist him…right?

Okay so Jamie and I first bonded over Touch by Natalia Jaster and then moved over to her awesome fanfiction. And then I found out that Jamie was an author too! So I signed up for her ARC of the Dropout because she clearly has good taste so I figured her writing had to be good too right?! RIGHT!

The Dropout is part of the Good Guy series but it is a standalone novel, with that being said I am definitely am going to read the first two books also!

The characters that Jamie created for the Dropout were amazing and I loved them all! Well with the exception of one but that jerk definitely deserves all of the hate.

Jimmy is a lovable guy that I think is trying to be more bad boy than he really is which makes him all the more adorable. He hit a rough patch but that does not define this character and I love that he works hard and is dependable.

Mackenna is a young woman who is stronger than she realizes and I love that she took the steps to be able to take care of herself but wasn’t afraid to let Jimmy watch over her. Together they formed such a great couple who were always talking things out before just jumping to conclusions. They were there for each other and that was just perfect.

But I think that one of my most favorite characters ever is Beverly! She is the best grandma ever written and I die every single time she says something haha. And her bird Sweet Pea. Seriously, I need this lady in my life. She is the one who gets into trouble with Jimmy and loves to have a good time. She also swears and lives off of liquor and twinkies. I love her.

This amazing book is releasing on 4/27/17 so be sure to get your preorder on Amazon for only $2.99!

And if you want something to read while you wait you can pick up book 1 Trucker here and book 2, Dancer, here!

When it releases be sure to tell me what you guys think! I give this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars. I will definitely add it to the reread pile and the writing overall was just done so well! I did not find myself getting lost or wondering what the heck was going on. If you want to find Jamie on social media be sure to check out the links below!

  1. Author facebook page
  2. Goodreads

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