Bookstore Stops!

Hey word nerds! This weekend I went on a fun weekend trip with the husband and some friends to Bend OR and while there we went to visit a bookstore (because  I will always find a way to check out books! Although Tyler totally found this store and gets all of the credit!) and decided why not shake it up a bit on the blog and talk about a bookstore instead of just a book today! So without further ado…

Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe is right downtown in Bend and has a very neat, laid back vibe. And if you love a good pastie (some meat pocket thing haha) then this is the place to go! My husband grew up eating those things so he was pretty excited when he found a spot that sells them. Of course, there is the obligatory coffee and tea selection because what goes better with books?

I love love love when a bookstore sells both new and used books! It’s like a treasure hunt with an occasional splurge. They have a great selection of books that includes history books, geographical reads, and your everyday variety!


The set-up was very cozy and inviting on top of everything else. They had a ton of great little bits and pieces that brought the whole thing together! Not to mention seating was available all over the place! Downstairs there was some live music with couches and tables and then upstairs you got more of a study room vibe where people were hanging out and talking about assignments and then this cozy little nook for reading in right by a window!


And of course this cool little corner that boasted local works!


And the cool sign that I am now convinced needs to be in my house! Do you think the husband would notice…


And last but not least, the tiny book haul! I had to keep it together and not go crazy because “adult responsibilities” or whatever.


So if you stop in Bend OR for a visit be sure to check out Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe!

I hope this was actually helpful haha! I have never really “reviewed” a bookstore before but this one is definitely a must see! What are some awesome bookstores you guys know? I am already planning my next post about a local bookstore that I am obsessed with!


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