Mad Woman by Kat Savage

Guess who word nerds? Yep two in one day and you know why? Because Kat Savage is a freaking magical unicorn and everyone needs to know that. Tonight I got home from work and wanted poetry in my life and Mad Woman has a beautiful cover that has been waiting for me to read its insides.

If you relate to any of this, you’re mad too. And that’s amazing. This is for all the mad women. Don’t change a damn thing. You are important to me.

Thank you for reading.

That is just a taste of the dedication page. I was already freaking out when I read that page. It only got better from there. It seriously only got better from there.

Kat poured out her heart and yet again shared pieces of herself with us. I cried. Yep. That’s right. Kat freaking Savage made me cry. Quiet tears down my face because I could her words in my heart. She ripped me open and made my heart bleed.

And this is me
blaming the univers
for my flaws,
for my loneliness,
and for
my inability
to stand still
long enough
to be vulnerable.

One thing I have always appreciated about Kat is how open she is with things that matter to her. She shares pieces of herself everyday and she does it open and honestly. That doesn’t even include her amazing poetry that reached out and touches your heart. Which I probably said but I feel like I don’t have pretty enough words to stress how much her words mean.

Sometimes the Boogyman is a little girl

Poetry is one of my favorite genres because I feel like it is just a person pouring out their insides and showing the world and to me that is so brave and perfect. Kat definitely delivers 5 star worthy poetry and if you haven’t read her work yet please do!! Even if you just start out on instagram!!


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