Review of Malefica by Katie Weill

Happy Thursday (finally!) word nerds! I hope this week is going by much faster for you guys than it is for me! The good news is I definitely feel like being a part of the world again so woot! Without further ado…

Claudia Matthews turns 18 tomorrow – as long as she can make it through the first day of classes at Oakley High School. It’s more than her inherent strangeness that keeps her from fitting in. Her ill-tempered service dog, Luca, isn’t winning her friends and her class schedule is even less welcoming, dropping her into the government- mandated, “The History of Witches”.
They are real, she’s been told. They are powerful, and evil – yet Claudia wants to know if that’s actually a universal truth. Are all witches really that bad?
When a mysterious gift appears, dark secrets are cast into the light, and the world as she knows it may change forever. Now armed with questions, Claudia will need to figure out if it’s truly worth finding the truth when textbooks don’t hold all the answers. Drawn into a world of hidden covens and regulated magic, she may learn more than she bargained for. Now Claudia has to fight the lure of power and a temptation much more passionate…or lose herself to both. The truth could set her free… or damn her forever.

Katie Weill is a new author not only to me but to the industry as a whole! And it worked out great that she happened to have Malefica when I was in the middle of my paranormal/sci-fy stage!

Building a believable world in the paranormal realm can be a little difficult because not only do you have to write an attention grabbing story, you have to make people want to jump into that world and hang out with your characters. I think that for a first book Katie did well with her characters. They were all people/animals I wanted to know more about. On the flip side to that, I think that the story itself felt a little bit rushed and didn’t give me any meat to sink my teeth into. I felt like I was left wanting more information.

Overall this quick read was good enough that I will definitely be waiting patiently for book 2! I think that Katie’s writing will only go up from here and I can’t wait to watch her writing grow! I give this book a solid three stars because as I said, the characters were good and they made me want more. Be sure to check out this book when you are looking for a quick paranormal read and let me know what you think!

As always feel free to comment or email me! I love talking anything and everything books!

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