Review of The Accalia by H.L. Girton

Hey word nerds! I have a new review for you all and I decided to post it this afternoon otherwise I may forget! So without further ado…

After traveling the country with her aunt, Genesis Berkley finally feels like she is home. Settling in Tillamook, Oregon, she begins a new life and everything seems to be going smoothly. That is, until she runs into a mysterious young man.
The feelings that he awakens are unsettling, and soon, her simple, peaceful world shatters. Lies and secrets are revealed, and danger lurks in every corner.
Now, Genesis must discover if she is strong enough to fulfill her destiny. Will she learn to accept the truth before it is too late?

H.L. Girton is a new to me author and I jumped on the chance to read and review her new paranormal series!
I think that overall the book itself was good but it felt a little off to me. I think that part of the issue for me was that the book needed a little more development. We didn’t as much time to really get to know the characters and who they are. This was disappointing because I think that everyone is really awesome and a good part of the story and I wanted to know more about them. There was also a lot more telling than showing and that was a little hard for me.

The start of the book was “ten years ago” but in present time we meet an 18-year old child born 10 years ago in a time that felt like it was horse drawn carriages and torches until the aunt Cammie jumped in her car and drove off. It just felt like the setting wanted to be two different things at once and this really pulled me out of the story in the very beginning in a way that I couldn’t get back in.

I think the story line is awesome and with some work, this book could be great. This is a new book and the author herself is definitely worth watching and keeping up on! I give it three stars because the characters are likable and the plot line is a good one.

If you guys read the book let me know what you thought! I love a good book discussion!

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