Friday funday… or something like that

Hey word nerds!! Long time no blog am I right? The sad news is I haven’t read a book for the joy of reading since last Sunday. That is correct… I have gone 5 days (and counting) without picking up a book and reading for joy. I am pretty much sad and we can all collectively blame school. Man having goals and being responsible is hard! But I figured that since I missed you guys so much I would do a random post about the books I am excited to read like right now! So without further ado!

  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.
    I picked this one because I have seen quotes for it everywhere and they were intriguing enough that I knew I had to read this one. My only problem is do I read this one now or wait until I can get the second and third book?!
    Daughter of Smoke and BoneSmoke and bone.jpg





2. Five by JA Huss
I have been waiting forever for this book! I love love love JA Huss and all of her books (okay that I have read) and how they all have these little rabit trails to her other books. And its Five! Come on! Who hasn’t been waiting for this book?!


3. Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things by Marina McAtee.
I have never read anything by this author but with that title and the amazing cover how could I do anything else but add it to the TBR pile ASAP!
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things


4. 180 Seconds by Jessica Park
Again this is a book that I really know nothing about but the cover is beautiful and I have seen nothing but good things (okay that is a lie- I had one very trustworthy book friend that couldn’t get into it but I figure it is still worth a shot!)
180 Seconds

180 Seconds

5. Heathens by Amanda Richardson
This book has intrigued me like no other this year! The teasers, the cover, the title! I have been waiting and waiting to get my hands on this one and now it’s here I have no time! But I will be reading it before the year is over because I NEED TO KNOW!


6. Paper Fools by Staci Hart
I have heard amazing things about this book and I love Staci Hart! No other words needed for why this one made the list!
Paper Fools
Paper Fools

7. Touched by Mara White
A ton of people have spoken about how amazing and perfect this book is and when that many people all agree that not only is the story great but the writing is perfect there is no other choice other than to add it to the TBR list and look at the cover!


8. Aheists Who Kneel and Pray by Tarryn Fisher
Yep. I haven’t read this one yet. Part of it is delaying the inevitable. When I read it I am done and TF doesn’t publish often you guys! I don’t want to run out of her words yet! But I will definitely read before the end of the year because I think I am finally ready for this one!
Atheists Who Kneel and Pray

Atheists who kneel and pray

Okay guys! I listed 8 because that is all I need to meet my goal of 100 books for 2017! What are some books you are looking forward to reading?! I can’t wait to find some free time and dig in!


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