My year in books

Hello lovely word nerds! It is that time of year where we stop and reflect on the amazing (and occasionally not so amazing) books that filled up the year and took us on exciting adventures. I am not going to lie, I almost did not write this post and that is simply because I have run out of steam. I have found that when I hit a hard slump that means that something is going on in my own life that gets me there. I absolutely hate that but there it is. I feel like I failed the last 4 months of the year and I am so sorry for missed deadlines and skipped posts. I appreciate each and every one of you that have followed along and read the reviews that are sometimes just the ramblings of an overworked brain. Okay… now that I have the mushy stuff out of the way let’s wrap up the year of books!!

I finished my reading goal of 100 books by the skin of my teeth you guys!! But here we are! 1 year and 102 great books later! So I chose the books for this list based on randomly looking at what I read and seeing what stood out. No, they are not all written this year but this is my blog so I can do what I want 😉 so here we go!

B’s top 10 reads of 2017

  1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer: One of my favorite things? The cover duh! I am a cover snob and will not hide that. But the writing was absolutely amazing and the plot was perfect. The ending wrecked my heart and for that this book will always be on the re-read pile! img_2293
  2. Illuminea by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff: Again- hello gorgeous! This was a different read for me and I am so glad I was pulled in by the art because the book itself was an experience! The writing was superb and the layout was a great bonus! I recommend the hardback simply because the cover is one of my absolute favorites! I have book two but I have to re-read Illuminae before I can get back into it! Can’t wait and you guys shouldn’t either! Illuminae
  3. Without Merit by Colleen Hoover: Should anyone be surprised? As usual CoHo brings a subject to life that needs more focus. It is a book that reminds us we are not alone and that it is okay to get help. Merit is a quirky character that I will never be ready to leave behind! CoHo you did it again! I can’t wait for 2018! Withut Merit
  4. Skin by BB Easton: This woman is a mad genius. I became obsessed with her book 44 Chapters about 4 Men and with each new book, my obsession has only grown. And 2017 was the best because we got TWO men!! That BB sure knows how to spoil her readers. I honestly only put Skin on here because Speed really could be tied into my love for Skin simply because BB has a way with words that remind us of the good ol’ days of teenage youth and frightens us for the young girls we now love and care for (I am looking at you little monsters- expect bars on the windows!) while also making us for the most unlikely of men. Damn you BB for making me feel all of those things. I can’t wait for Hans and most importantly Ken ❤skin
  5. ALL OF THE BOOKS by Leigh Bardugo: This is the year that I found Leigh and her magical world thanks to fellow reader and blogger Madalyn (who you can find over here) The world that Leigh created and the characters she filled it with are simply the best! It can be tricky to create a whole new world, keep everything in order, and make character that people want to know. To do all of those and do it so well is an amazing gift and I will always be in line to buy her work!
  6. 6. God-Shaped Hole by the amazing Tiffanie DeBartolo: I only picked this book up because I was going to a PLN retreat and Tiffanie was the guest author with Tarryn Fisher. You guys… This book was absolutely stunning and it ripped my heart out and never gave it back. Tiffanie is an amazing author and a really fun evil genius to meet. I HUGGED HER YOU GUYS!! I almost died with joy. Seriously. She’s all around a great and I will wear my copy of this book down to nothing from the reading and re-reading and even more reading. And honestly the same can be said for How to Kill a Rockstar. God Shaped Hole
  7. 7. Ghost Writer by Alessandra Tore: HOLY CRAP. That is really all I can say about this book. Seriously. I never knew what to expect from this book even until the last page. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. The Ghose Writer8. Throes by Kat Savage: Come on! You didn’t think I would leave out the poetry, did you?! Kat Savage is one of my favorites. She always writes from this place deep inside and you feel it. She does not hold back and honestly, Throes was just so much to me. This collection spoke to sad parts of me that I forgot about and it reminded me that I am not alone. Thank you Kat.Throes9. Dragon Hearts & Dandelion Fuzz by Madalyn Beck: Oh this woman. Absolutely beautiful inside and out and her writing is a reflection of this. I highlighted 41 parts of this collection. 41! I can never remember to highlight my favorite parts but in this collection, I wanted them all forever. Madalyn shares pieces of herself in all of her work and she does it with no shame. She is brave and bold and for this I love her. Dragon hearts & Dandelion Fuzz10. The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons: This is a life-changing book. Even just thinking about this book squeezes my heart and makes it hard to breathe. This heartbreaking story of love, determination, and duty will never leave me. I would have to stop reading for a bit when I began gasping for breath and feeling like there was no hope. I don’t know why my friend Jen didn’t make me read this sooner 😉 but if you are not sure about this book just do it. Everyone should feel this love at least once. Bronze Horseman

Okay, after much consideration this is my top 10 list for 2017. It was a tough pick but I just looked for the ones that popped out when I looked at my year in review. Did you guys read any of these? Do you plan on adding any to your 2018 list? Have a safe evening and I will see you all back on here for the first post of 2018!

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