What happens when a blog dies

Have you ever had a favorite blog and one day it just…. dies? I always wonder what happened to change an active writer into a has been.

Well rest assured friends… They sometimes just get too busy and too tired. Or they hit a wall. Now I am not claiming to be anyone’s favorite blog by any means. I just know that I happen to write a blog that suddenly died. And today is the first day that I have missed writing. How weird is that? I wonder if part of the issue was maybe that I felt like I had to stay in the realm of book blog so when something was going on I “couldn’t” write about it here because nobody would care. But guess what? This is my blog and I can do what I want.

I have struggled with feeling like a sham in the book world because I felt like I could not dedicate crazy amounts of my life to being a blogger but that is ridiculous because I do not have to if I don’t feel like it. I write for the pure joy of writing. Sometimes I have things to say that are not *gasp* book related. How weird. And sometimes I just want to feel free. So here we go.

My name is Briana. I love books to a crazy degree. I hate school so much (only three more classes. Only three more classes). Sometimes I love writing. I want to connect with humans on the internet because I think it is fun. I am too lazy to create a new blog. I know I know. What bad taste. Making people fall for a book blog and then changing it up after like a year of nothingness. But guess what you beautiful word nerds? This is my blog. I am going to run it whatever messy way I want. But also please know I love you and deeply apologize if you feel tricked. I promise I will talk about books because books are life. Heck I am so excited at the thought of talking books I will probably go post crazy this week and drive you crazy. You are welcome.

Welcome back. I have missed you. Let’s chat friends!

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