Book Review: One More Chance by Kat Savage

Hey all you cute word nerds out there in bookland!! How is everyone doing? I know that right now COVID has put a damper on a lot of things but you know what it can’t stop?! BOOKS! So while I have been such a slacker, I feel like I have finally hit a place where I can stop being the worst blogger ever! And why not start with one of my top 5?! So without further ado, let’s talk books!

Harper Whitney is officially divorced. Ever since she signed the papers, she’s found it difficult to believe a second love could even exist. At this point, she wonders if the first was ever real.
Besides that, everything is just dandy. Her big sister is getting married. It’s wonderful—she knows—but if one more person reminds her that she needs a plus one, she might just scream.
Enter Jensen Reed, her sister’s friend’s brother. Confusing, yeah. It’s even more confusing to Harper when he’s somehow volunteered to be her date to the wedding.The city boy lives his life far, far away from the farm that Harper calls home. The only one she’s ever known. To make things even more complicated, she’s recently decided to dip her toes in the cesspool of modern dating. And, he agrees to help her get back on the saddle, so to speak.
Neither of them exactly thought it’d be his saddle she’d choose to mount. He’s risk-free in so many ways—a traveler by profession and a carefree wanderer by design. Oh, not to mention, he’s hot as hell. But after the wedding—when serious decisions need to be made—Harper must decide: Can she give love one more chance?
-Amazon book description

This is the second book in the Chance at Love Series that Kat is crushing right now! This series set in a rural community where farms are life and neighbors know everyone and their business.

This sweet romance shows that you do not have to be trapped by expectations that you set for yourself and all you have to do is be willing to try new adventures. Once again Kat brings a story of love, hope, and enough playfulness that we all can feel ourselves falling into the story.

Jensen Reed is the traveling love interest full of adventure and suave moves that he is able to pull of as completely natural and full of sincerity. AKA Jensen Reed is swoon worthy. This is a character that you feel okay loving and sad to see hurt. I can honestly say that there were parts that I was so mad at Kat for putting my sweet sweet Jensen through so many stressful things! Come on Kat! Give our love interest a break! Well okay okay… She ends it on a positive note so I forgive her for the journey he has to take but it was a close call KAT!

Harper. Girl are we cut from the same cloth or what? The self doubt?! The self imposed expectations that you just know everyone wants to hold you to only to find out that those are actually your own expectations?! I cannot even tell you how many times I wanted to reach through the book and shake Harper only to realize that I could probably just shake myself for the same dang things… Harper is so lovable and her hurt heart makes you want to hug her tight and then go TP a house and maybe egg a car.

Kat Savage is known for her amazing and soul touching poetry that started as Instagram and grew into bound collections and has progressed into amazing novels that show Kat is an author full of surprises. The fact that she can transfer between poetry from the heart that reminds you that you are not alone to lighthearted romances that give love hope and brings us characters worth swooning over is just part of why you need to check her out if you have not done so yet!

If you want to stalk Kat Savage be sure to check her out at the following places:

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