About Me, Myself, and I

Hi guys!! My name is Briana and I have a passion (that occasionally borders on obsession) with all things books! I love reading them, I love talking about them, and I love love love buying them! I don’t want to be a writer because I honestly do not have the patience that it requires, not to mention I get so easily distracted it would take me 15 years to write anything worth reading. I honestly respect authors and all of the hard work it takes to make a book and I would much rather support them and push them on the world!

I attempted to start this blog about 2 years ago and literally did one post before getting distracted. I came back a year later and tried again with the same dang results. Finally this year I stopped being ridiculous and decided that it was time I connect more with my people. Who are my people you may find yourself asking. Well my people are the book nerds of the world. For a really long time I was content to lurk on Facebook or Instagram, just a quiet fan who reads and doesn’t really have a whole lot of reader friends to speak with about the things I was reading. But then! Then I joined the #PLNs and became a member of their gang club and decided that I wanted to be more than a shadow because dang are those some of the coolest ladies around! I realized that social media was making it easier to get to know authors and be a part of the book world so here I am, keeping up on my blog and sharing my passion.

Reading is my addiction and my escape. I plan on never fixing that problem because it keeps my wit sharp and my imagination wild.  I would have walls of bookshelves if the husband didn’t put his foot down at three. (although there are currently talks of buying a house with an extra room for a library/office so yay!)

I will probably fall behind on updating but please just poke me with a stick if that happens and I promise I will work on it. Hmmm I feel like that is enough right? If you have burning questions (why wouldn’t you right?!) feel free to ask.

You can always find me here:

  1. reinhardtbriana@gmail.com (email because I always check this thing!
  2. Amazon (in case you want to see reviews that didn’t make it to the blog)
  3. Goodreads
  4. Facebook blog page
  5. Instagram

As of right now I am not really taking any more requests as I have felt like I have fallen behind and can’t get to my books like I want to. I never want reading to feel like a chore since it is my escape. I will mostly stick to sign-ups that are posted by authors or reviewing books I am reading for fun. When I get out of my funk I will re-open the requests. If you have already been accepted for review know that I am working on those and will let you know when they are done! Sorry for the delay.

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