About Me, Myself, and I

Hi guys!! My name is Briana and I have a passion (that occasionally borders on obsession) with all things books! I love reading them, I love talking about them, and I love love love buying them! I respect authors and all of the hard work it takes to make a book and I show that love and appreciation by trying to share their work as much as I can!

Reading is my addiction and my escape. I plan on never fixing that problem because it keeps my wit sharp and my imagination wild.  I would have walls of bookshelves if the husband didn’t put his foot down at three.

I will probably fall behind on updating but please just poke me with a stick if that happens and I promise I will work on it. Hmmm I feel like that is enough right? If you have burning questions (why wouldn’t you right?!) feel free to ask.

You can always find me here:

  1. reinhardtbriana@gmail.com (email because I always check this thing!
  2. Amazon (in case you want to see reviews that didn’t make it to the blog)
  3. Goodreads
  4. Facebook blog page
  5. Instagram



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