What my ratings mean!

Okay, since we all count our star differently I figured I should probably do a brief explanation so you guys know what I mean!

1 star- I hate it! I won’t generally post 1 star reads just because a lot of them tend to be DNF (did not finish) or it just wouldn’t be productive

2 star- I don’t like. Again, I haven’t posted a lot of them but I would probably post a two-star review as long as I can articulate why it was 2 stars and do so without it just coming out as an angry rant

3 stars- its okay! This means that I read the whole book but I would not likely re-read it or there was just too many grammatical errors for me to be able to get into the book.

4 stars- I like it! This is usually a good book that I enjoyed the majority of. I may or may not re-read it depending on my mood.

5 stars- I LOVE IT! And these are books that I will definitely at some point re-read because I can’t get over them! Like obsessive love and want everyone to read. These are the books that if you don’t like them I am not sure we can be friends (kidding… kind of.) and they are most likely found on both my kindle and my book shelves.